Doctoral students in the College of Engineering have been selected for the 2019-20 Fitch H. Beach Award for Outstanding Research and for the Outstanding Graduate Student awards in each program.

The Department of Mechanical is pleased to announce that Mehdi Samiee, (Advisor: Mohsen Zayernouri) is this year's winner of the Fitch H. Beach Award for Outstanding Research.

The department is also pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Outstanding Graduate Student, Nilay Kant (Advisor: Ranjan Mukherjee)


The names and affiliations for the entire college are listed below, and I invite you to visit our website for more information, including a celebratory video: //

019-20 Fitch H. Beach Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research

This endowed award, established by Janet M. Beatty in honor of her uncle, recognizes the most outstanding graduate researchers within the College of Engineering. Each department nominates one PhD student, and awardees receive stipends, a certificate, and a medal to be worn at graduation.

  • Cort Thompson, Advisor: Erin Purcell, Biomedical Engineering
  • Juan Sebastian Hernandez-Suarez, Advisor: Pouyan Nejadhashemi, Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
  • Chenchen Yang, Advisor: Richard Lunt, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Vahid Morovati, Advisor: Roozbeh Dargazany, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Ryan LaRose, Advisor: Matt Hirn, Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering
  • Joshua Engelsma, Advisor: Anil Jain, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Dhrubajit Chowdury, Advisor: Hassan Khalil, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Mehdi Samiee, Advisor: Mohsen Zayernouri, Mechanical Engineering


2019-20 Outstanding Graduate Students

This award recognizes the most outstanding graduate student in each program, as selected by the faculty within the department. Recipients receive a stipend, certificate, and a medal to be worn at graduation.

  • Victoria Toomajian, Biomedical Engineering (Advisor: Chris Contag)
  • Kaitlyn Casulli, Biosystems Engineering (Advisor: Kirk Dolan)
  • Kanchan Chavan, Chemical Engineering (Advisor: Scott Calabrese-Barton)
  • Ramin Saedi, Civil Engineering (Advisor: Ali Zockaie)
  • Robert Termuhlen, Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering (Advisor: Hui-Chia Yu)
  • Yao Ma, Computer Science (Advisor: Jiliang Tang)
  • Asif Iqbal, Electrical Engineering (Advisor: Peng Zhang)
  • Vidhya Ramalingam, Environmental Engineering (Advisor: Alison Cupples)
  • Chelsea Weiskerger, Environmental Engineering (Advisor: Phanikumar Mantha)
  • Yubo Zhang, Materials Science (Advisor: Jason Nicholas)
  • Nilay Kant, Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Ranjan Mukherjee)